I am currently working on a few projects, the biggest of these, my skype tool pack, is currently in its beta stages, but fully functional. Check it out, if you fancy.

Quite a few projects reside on this site.

Would you like to see some???


You could stay here, and listen to me blab about my other projects... Well, for starters we have my Pokemon Go IPS project. This is an API that can be used for programs, or websites that ping the pokemon go servers, to see if they're online. 

By the waaaaaaay, you should probably check out the original coder of the Pokemon Go IPS.

Maybe you'd like to look at the source code for my skype tool??

That's fine, click on that little heart over there and have a peek.

As a closing remark, I'd like to remind you that everything I make on this site, is free and open source, meaning you have to pay nothing to download it, nor do you have to pay anything to modify or re-code it.

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